Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Didn't is used to, you know, get dark?

Call me crazy, but I could have sworn the sun used to set. The sun would go below the horizon and that was followed by something I think they call night? Well, if it used to, it sure doesn't anymore!! We're inside the artic circle and it's the summer equinox, which puts us at officially 24 hours of day light a day!  In your face! Errr- wait- that's another story! In this story- we just arrived at Deadhorse, AK! This is the farthest you can drive north in North America, the (almost) start of the Alaskan pipeline, and WELL in to the Arctic Circle! It is also the (almost) final destination to our trip. We have covered over 5000 miles from New Mexico to get here, and it has been well worth it! Kimberly has joined us for the trip up here from Anchorage, and it has been one heck of a trip! Once we got north of Fairbanks, we jumped on the Dalton Highway, also known as the haul road. For any of you that watch Ice Road Truckers, this is the road they drive in that show. It was built to build, and then maintain the Alaskan Pipeline. Did I mention the pipeline is here too! We've been driving next to it for 3 days now, and it's cool. Well- I think we have mixed feelings about it, but either way, it's one hell of an engineering feat! We've also seen a ton of critters, including caribou and moose, but no grizzly bears yet! We have a tour scheduled today to go to the Prudhoe Bay oil facilities, and the Arctic Ocean!  We're then going to head back south, with a hopeful stop for a Yukon rafting trip, and a tour of Denali National Park. We picked up some more hitchhikers (from Russia this time)- and the fellow was part of a hitch hiking club! Sounded pretty cool. We also have lost all sense of time- the endless daylight leads to very odd schedules. We drove until 2 am yesterday- but it felt like noon! Actually, all day long feels like noon! Oh- and Deadhorse ROCKS!!!

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  1. Noah wants to know how do you get to sleep if the daylight is always in your face?

  2. That picture of the permafrost is great! It must be so surreal to be up in all that daylight!