Sunday, May 29, 2011

On the road!!!!

Ritz like living- at least on the road!

Question: how many miles per gallon does our RV get? Answer: about $100 dollars a day! ha! We managed to shove off at the crack of noon this morning- but thanks to smooth sailing and a nice tail wind- we managed to stay on schedule and arrive just in time for a delicious dinner at my aunt Ruth and uncle Jerry's place. Thanks Ruth for the delicious meal- vegetarian no less!! The tail wind was not only helpful for the gas milage (first tank we clocked in at 10.5 mph!) but it also felt like a good omen for the trip because you NEVER get the wind at your back! 336 miles down, 3,330 to go!

The boys are ready for action! Hey- are you
buying the first tank?
Interesting sights for the day included one hell of a forrest fire outside of Raton and one hell of a matchbox collection (not to mention some real sized hot rods!) belonging to uncle Jerry. Things seems to be mostly working on the RV- had to make a small pit stop to adjust the timing a smidgen, and to kludge together a better way to secure the metal sheet coving the fridge. Tomorrow is unsure. Ruth and Jerry have tempted us to stay another day with offers of a trip to Bishops Castle and a ride in a his open wheeled hot rod! But we are feeling anxious to keep putting some miles behind us, so we're torn. We've decided to let sleep decide for us and see what mood the morning finds us in.
Fire outside of Raton. Drove towards it for over an
hour and it just got bigger and bigger!

Many many thanks to all of you who came to the bon voyage party last night! Nothing funner then bashing tweety and playing settlers! And many thanks to those who didn't make it to the party, but who have blessed us with well wishes and thoughts of safe travel. And double thank you to Colin for hooking us up with this SWEET cell modem- we've go internet on the open road and feel like we're living a the Ritz! Also- thank you for all the gifts of bumper stickers, talismans, alligator heads, thumbs up jesus, Ganesha, pray sheets and reading material! May their protective auras protect us from grizzlies and high gas prices alike!
Jerry and Pete admiring Jerry's prized Midget Racer!
Who knew midgets liked to race!


  1. HURRAY!!!!!

    You are in the arc of your journey!

    I love love love LOVE IT!


  2. Wait a minute!!!

    I thought your trusty steed was a mare named Bertha?

  3. yay! love you guys, can't wait to see more pics and hear all the fantastic stories! be safe. love!

  4. Yessss! I have a great feeling about this trip for you guys.

    Nice shirt Pete :-)

  5. Ah, I remember when you came to visit me in Mendocino, CA and the van broke down. Hopefully that won't happen this time. Can't wait to see the pictures of Alaska! What a fun adventure...

  6. Stacy, the RV, believe it or not, is FAR more road worthy than the van ever was. at least the RV has seats...the kind that it was built with NOT lawn chairs secured with rope and duct tape, like the van was sporting at one point...i give the RV WAAAAAYYYY further than CA :)