Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sheeple Known as The People

He might be a touch crazy, but
Mr.Bishop knows how to build a castle!
Today will be remembered as the day we met Jim Bishop. It was a good day- with many fine adventures including a hell ride in one hot hotrod, snow storm at ten thousand feet, and an amazing riverside campsite, but even with all those, Jim Bishop still rises to the top.

We awoke this morning and both knew that we needed to keep moving, Ruth and Jerry are wonderful hosts, but the road was calling. We fired up Bessie (our beasts new name!) and headed to Bishops Castle. We climbed the towers, marveled at its size, and pondered at how one man could build such a thing. Then we noticed a funny little fellow off to the side of the site working to raise a log with a winch. He was so out of place with the rest of the people milling around, and were drawn to go speak to him. Despite the place being packed with people, no one was paying this fellow any attention, and he seemed equally drawn to us as literally he stopped working and watched us cut across the crowd as we approached him. "Howdy" he said, "Did you know the Free Masons are running the country?" We both knew we had found a new hero. It was of course, Jim Bishop, the castle builder. After a good 10 minutes of hearing about the plans for the castle, and how Michelle Obama practices witchcraft in the the white house, it happened. Jim was getting worked up in to a bit of a frenzy with our talk, and so he suddenly climbed atop the front end loader we'd been standing next too, cupped his hands and yelled to the crowd, "Obama works for Satan", and then proceeded to sing his hit song that went something like this: 

"The banksters are stealing 
from the sheeple 
known as the people
they are all panksters 
gang bang up the butt gangsters" 

The song alone was quite good, but what made it truly great was him thrusting his hips and grabbing his crotch as he sang high above the crowd. What was the crowds reaction? You guessed it, nothing. No one did so much as glance at him. I don't know if we've all gotten too callused, or they were simply too scared. Either way, it was an amazing moment.

25 degrees and snowing! Yowzers!

We can only hope tomorrow holds as many wonderful surprises!


  1. Those are the WORST kind of gangsters.

  2. Haha! Great story. People get too scared then get too callused ?

  3. He's right you know. They even changed the basketball team to the Grand Wizards, and the blacks have taken over the masons. Shaq is the grand master plotting to give free money, marijuana and abortions to the meek and undeserving communists.

  4. The road looks slick! Bet you are glad you got the wipers working on Bessie.