Monday, June 6, 2011


I'd never really given much thought to Banff before. I guess I knew it was somewhere in Canada, and was suppose to be nice, but that was about it. Let me tell you- nice is an understatement! It's AMAZING! I know I just wrote about how nice Yellowstone is, and it is nice, but Banff makes Yellowstone seem like your third bowl of ice cream in a night. It's still a bowl of ice cream, but it ain't as good as the first! We ended up spending 2 days in Banff, and every place we stopped was better then the last. Waterfalls and vistas and turquoise streams and MOUNTAINS and snow capped peaks and wild animals. It was one gosh darn good time! See the pics below and see what you think!

We had our first dinner guest last night! He was fine fellow by the name of Roger Corlone. He's 65, and in his own words "I retired April 1, and hit the road April 6th on my dream trip- biking to Alaska!". Bicycle?! That is impressive! And he's going solo no less!  I asked him how long he planed to take and he responded, "I told my wife 3 months, to infinity!" Guess his wife didn't like that answer and gave him 6 months max! ha! By an odd coincidence, he's taking a very similar route to us, starting in Arlington, TX and ending in Fairbanks. He's been traveling for 2 months now, and has made it just outside Prince Gorge, British Columbia. Damn impressive. He was camped out at the rest stop we decided to sleep at, and so I went and introduced myself, and invited him back the the RV for dinner. We talked a couple hours, but my favorite thing he had to say was in response to my question asking about his favorite part of the trip? "The people" he responded, and then proceeded to regale us with stories of kindness and generosity he'd experienced on the road. It warmed my heart, and helped my faith in humanity hearing that people do still help a stranger in need. We've also hit mosquito country. They are thick as thieves and twice as mean!

Other funny story for the day was a fellow we met shopping today- we were talking about traveling (a popular topic when people find out you're not from around here!) and he said, "Canadians are know for being such nice people when they travel, but it's not that they are normally so nice, it's just that they are so happy to be out of the cold in Canada!" ha! That one cracked me up!

Oh- and tonight is the first shower in 8 days! Let me tell you- we were stinky!! But maybe it was keeping the mosquitoes at bay!

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  1. Never have I been so happy to take a shower - or so happy that someone else took a shower! Ha!

  2. Maybe I'll come do a mosquito trapping season up there next year?

  3. You never smell bad to me...then again remember who this statement is coming from!