Thursday, June 9, 2011

Head North, Middle Aged Men!

We finally hit the Alaska highway! Hit it last night outside of Watson's Lake. Looks like any other road in the world, except with much better views, and a whole lot less stuff! We are steadily but surely getting farther north. The sun set last night at 11 pm(!), and it's coming up earlier and earlier. Too early if you ask me, but the going down late is great! We drive and drive, and it always feels like it's just after lunch! This time of year they are getting around 18-19 hours hours of daylight! Not sure when (or if) people sleep, but I bet they are damn productive! Our path has taken us through British Columbia, and now we're officailly in the Yukon! Passed a big forrest fire along the way, and went down one of the most desselt roads i've ever been down! Paid 1.54/liter for gas- which works out to an amazing $6 per gallon! Yowzers!! And just finished one tasty slice of rhubarb pie- life is good! 

Don't let all those names fool you-
most of those 'towns' were nothing
more then an abandon building!  

We picked up some fellow travelers the other day, a really nice couple from the Czech Republic, Jera and Petr. They travelled with us for the better part of the day. They are planning to take a year- go all the way north, and then all the way to mexico! They've been all over the world, you can see their site at Their pictures are good- but good luck reading anything!!

Hope to make it to Alaska late today or early tomorrow! Hope everyone is doing well!

Petr and Jera chowing down with us on some grilled cheese sandwiches!
Fire had burned a huge path for miles- and it was still

Arty shot with the moon, mountains and Bessie!


  1. How 'bout that phrase "Alaskan Highway"? Stirs up so many adventurous feelings! So excited for you guys!

  2. Hey!

    I've not been keeping up, but today I made a pact with myself to see how you are all doing!

    Seems to me you guys are having an awful time. All that clean air, nice travelers, packaged food, outdoor plumbing? Who needs it?

    I wonder where you are now? can you do one of those pin maps?

    Hope all is well!